A tale of two champions

I don’t know what you made of the Summit in Korea between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un but to me it felt ancient.
My phone was bugging me with reports every half hour or so with reports of where the meeting was up to, the handshake, the photo, the opening remarks, the closed room, more photos, the joint statement, more discussion with Trump and Kim.
It felt like on that day the future of our planet was being hung on those two men. Kim, the champion of the DRK, and Trump the champion of… well, amongst others, us.
In ancient times battles were fought like this. Armies would line a ravine, but only two men would step forward to fight. Champions would be sent out as representatives of the people. The future of each nation hung in the balance with every swing of the sword. Think David facing the giant Goliath in 1 Samuel 17.
Now I, for one, was not thrilled to be represented by Trump in this matter. He hasn’t done much to give me confidence that he could handle this kind of negotiation. Indeed, reports are mixed as to whether the outcome has been in our global interests.
But thanks be to God that he hasn’t been intrusted with the really important stuff. Because ours is a champion who faced down the greatest evil the world has ever seen. Jesus didn’t shirk or pander. His victory absolute and our enemy was totally disarmed. Death has been de-stung.

grace and peace,