I’ve been away at a conference called Oxygen this week with Anna. It’s a conference for pastors and Christian leaders from around Australia and the south pacific to help us run refreshed in ministry. We’re coming back to you with loads of ideas to work through and things to try, and so it’s difficult to distil down a thing to tell you about – but let me try this:
Sam Chan gave a talk on Wednesday night where he explained why in Australia right now about four people of an Asian background are being converted for every one of a Caucasian. He noticed that our presentation of the gospel is a fulfilment of the Asian storyline (i.e. freedom from spiritual evil, freedom from status anxiety). Yet, for Caucasians, their storyline tells them we are free from traditional forms of authority so we are free to think for ourselves. Jesus is the good guy in the Asian storyline and the bad guy in the Caucasian storyline.
Sam argued we must never alter the gospel, but we do need to work harder on how we present this gospel in our cultural context. You can access all the talks from Oxygen from the KCC mobile app.
I think this thought struck me so much was because we’re finishing Found this week with the story of the younger son. Here is someone desperate to be free from under his father, who’s pursuit of freedom got him ensnared. The solution to the son’s situation wasn’t ultimately his “coming to himself” but his being found in the father’s arms.

grace and peace,