Smiling in the dark.

As people who exist in God’s world, we’re primed for stories of hope when all hope is lost. I think this is why the story of the Thai soccer boys trapped in the Tham Luang caves has gripped the world’s attention. For days, all the news could give us was images of discarded bikes and grieving parents – now we’re in that cautiously joyful state of knowing that rescue is possible. Pictures of the boys and their coach smiling in the dark and anticipating their rescue can’t help but give us uplift, even as we recognise the dangers that are to come.

What a terrific vignette of the Christian life. We were lost, hopeless and stranded. Cut off from the author of life. But rescue has come to us. At immense expense God came down into our darkness bearing light and bread and a way out. We can smile in the dark knowing that whatever dangers are in our immediate future, our rescuer is committed to bringing us into the light again.

I read today that missionaries in Thailand are asking us to pray for those exploring faith in the aftermath of this emergency. So, please join me in prayer for the nation of Thailand. Pray that the nine boys would be brought safely through the waters, and that through this event and the confident witness of His people many, many more would be brought into His magnificent light.

grace and peace,