Why do we call them... Community Groups

Why do we call them... Community Groups

This week at church we're going to see how important words are. So from time to time I'll use this part of the weekly email to explain why our language at church might be a bit different to other churches around us/we've come from. 

There are heaps of different names for small group ministries within different churches. Growth Groups, Connect (Kinect) groups, Bible study groups, Cell groups, Fellowship groups. Why go with Community Groups?

The Song Keepers

Reconciliation week kicks off this Sunday!

Two weeks ago I watched the film Song Keepers (trailer below). At it's surface, it's a film about an indigenous women's choir taking Lutheran hymns that had been translated into indigenous languages 140 years ago on a tour of Germany.

But below that are deep themes about how the gospel meets culture, about the lows and highs of white and indigenous relations and powerful testimonies to the way grace works in the lives of these women.