Where do we meet?

Find us inside Limelight Cinemas


No tickets needed! Church is always free.
Parking is also free on Sundays.


Visiting for the first time?

You might be a church lifer or have never darkened a church door, either way you’re very welcome at Renew Anglican Church. You might feel daunted about your first visit with us, so we’d like to help you find out what happens at our church.

I’m not a Christian – am I welcome?

Definitely! Renew Anglican Church wants to be welcoming to everyone because Jesus is for everyone. We want our meetings to be accessible for believers and sceptics alike. We have a question time at the end of each church service and if you’re interested in finding out more about Jesus we’d love to help you with that.


How long does Church go for?

We try to start our church services at 10, and to go for 90 minutes. Come early to grab a coffee or bring a takeaway. We often have morning tea or lunch afterwards.

What should I wear?

There’s no dress-code at Renew and you’ll see people who are dressed up and dressed down. We want you to feel comfortable, because church isn’t about how you dress but who you’re with – an opportunity to connect with one another and with the God who loves us.


Do you have assigned seating?

No, you can sit wherever you feel comfortable.

What happens at church?

Church centres around hearing from the God who has gone into print in the Bible. We have bits read and explained, we have a question time afterwards. We are led in prayer (talking to God) and we even sing.

Will I have to participate?

We are giving you a “no trust fall exercises” guarantee. We want you to feel welcome to come and listen in, without fear of being asked to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. You can leave whenever you like, and while you can remain as anonymous as you want to be, we encourage you to introduce yourself to us – we’d love to meet you.

Can kids come to church?

Absolutely – church is for people from the cradle to [almost] the grave. Renew Kids for ages Preschool to Year 5 happens during our services. We’ve also got a crèche for babies.

Kids and adults join us at the start of the service, and then the children go to Renew Kids about 20 minutes in. At Renew Kids, children are well cared for by trained leaders, who have received safe ministry training. You are of course welcome to sit in during Renew Kids and watch what happens.


South.Point has good accessible parking and wheelchair/scooter and pram access and we have plenty of accessible seating. If you need extra assistance, please let us know.